Information for Parents, Players, and Coaches

How old do you have to be to attend camp?
  • Minimum 8 years, maximum 16. We found that there are 8 and 9 year olds who are mature enough for an overnight camp, and we have seen 13 year olds who are still apprehensive to go away from home. It is completely an individual choice. Therefore, we invite them all. For 8 and 9 years olds, we offer a "Parental Camp Package Deal". Call for details.

Can I come to camp with my team?
  • Yes, 14 players are needed to receive a personalized team specific curriculum. The "Game Plan" will be stablished through discussions with the team's coach. Each registered Club or HS coach can join the team at the Academy at no charge to watch his team progress in camp and learn from our coaching staff as well. Team Camp participants also receive a special discount. Call or email for more info.

What is the coaching like in camp?
  • Our coaching staff is made up of some of the best technical trainers and coaches in the game. We teach the intangibles that can elevate a player's game instantly, such as being deceptive at the right time or using good visual awareness drills. Our coaches have a wide range of top level experiences and have coached or played either professionally or in college at the division 1, 2, 3 or NAIA level.
  • CLICK HERE for current and previous staff coaches at the Academy.

What's the curriculum like? 
  • We have created one of the best instructional programs. Our strategies have proven to be successful for the development of all players within each age group level. We fine tune a topic within each team to challenge each participant. For details, CLICK HERE

When is check-in? 

Do we need to bring a ball to camp:
  • Yes, but we will also provide a camp ball for every camper as well.

What about a Camp T-shirt?
  • Every camper will receive a Top Flight T-shirt for camp.

What should we bring to camp? For a complete list: CLICK HERE

What if I am commuter in camp?
The daily schedule for commuters looks like this...
  • 8:30 AM arrive at dorm. Eat breakfast at home, lunch & dinner with us.
  • 8:15 PM go home w/ parent after our camp meeting from the main field complex.
  • We provide a dorm room for all commuters to store their gear and where they can rest up during the day in the dorm.

Departure & Check-out:  

Directions to Sweat Briar College :
  • Sweat Briar is located 12 miles north of Lynchburg in central Virginia. From Lynchburg, go north on Rt. 29 and take the SBC exit. Follow signs to soccer camp when on campus. Map of Sweet Briar College: CLICK HERE

Are the dormitories air-conditioned?
  • Yes, all dorms are air-conditioned. We will have 24/7 security in and around the dorms. The rooms have 2, 3, or 4 persons occupancy.  Each camper will have a key for their room and a dorm access card.

Will we get an Evaluation?
  • Yes, each camper will receive a written evaluation at the end of the camp. It will be detailed and should be a critique of his play during the week exploring his strengths and weaknesses.

Can I watch my son play during camp?
  • Yes, as long as you don't interfere with camp.

Can I visit my son in the dorm during camp?
  • Only with prior approval from director.

How do I know which field my son is playing on?
  • Just ask any of our camp staff and check the camp website for updates.

Is there a Goalkeeper Academy?
  • Yes, if you register as a GK, you will automatically join the GK Academy in camp. Here is the daily GK schedule:
7:00-7:45     Plyometrics / Drills
9:15-11:00   GK only Training  (all GK)
1:30-3:30     Train w/ team or w/ age group GK group
6:00-8:00     Match Training

Is there a Key deposit?
  • For Sweet Briar Camp: No, we do not require campers to pay a key desposit.

How are meals and dining set up?
  • The dining center offers nutritious food in an all-you-can-eat buffet.
  • If you have any dietary concerns, food allergies, or special instructions, just contact us.

Is there Medical Supervision & a Trainer:
  • We will have a licensed athletic trainer on staff during all sessions and at night in the dorms. Make sure your camp medical & insurance info is up to date and completed.
  • We will have water and gatorade at the fields.

What is your Refunds & Cancellation Policy?
  • For details on our Refunds & Cancellation Policy, CLICK HERE.

For Questions, please call us at 205-540-2895 or email us at

Oliver Weiss'
Check out the GK Curriculum.
Sweet Briar Camp:  First Day of Camp
11:00-1:30  Check-in and Lunch
1:45-2:00   Camp Meeting
2:15-3:45   1st Training Session
5:00-5:45   Dinner
6:30-8:00   Evening Matches
8:00-8:15   Camp Meeting
Last Day's Schedule: 8:30-9:45      Matches
10:00-10:30  Skill Championships
10:30-10:45  Closing  Ceremonies
11:00-12:00  Check-out at dorm
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